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Little Bits of Karma

Works in Progress - Fury's Fall and The PendulumGreetings! Thanks for stopping by and clicking on this tab. In addition to Fury's Fall, I am being pulled into writing another new story called The Pendulum. Fury's Fall is a fantasy romance, and The Pendulum needs its own genre category! Read on to find out more...

Fury's Fall. I have had a severe case of writer's block while writing this storyI wrote it into a corner, and I feel that changing the plot is the best way out. I still hope to publish it sometime in 2025, probably late in 2025. 

If you have read the last book in the Karma SeriesKarma: The Resolution, then you are familiar with the character of Pel. He’s an Angel of Fury who works to keep balance in the universe and falls in love with a mortal woman named Derica and that is where the fun begins. Here is a synopsis of what I have planned for them, although several aspects of it will change in the months ahead.

Derica lives on Ganda, a planet headed for imminent destruction. As a slave on a wealthy estate, she spends her daytime hours working in the kitchen and her evening hours rescuing other slaves and guiding them to safety through portals and into another dimension. She has strong psychic powers, help from two powerful immortals and an Angel of Fury named Pel. Pel is the leader of this mission and watches her from a distance. He has fallen deeply in love with her and decides to pursue her.

Pel isn’t the only one who is enamored with Derica. Nosa, her overseer and heir to his father’s estate, is infatuated with her even though he has a harem of women at his beck and call. Derica wants nothing to do with him and yet, one of his harem girls, Harkev, seethes with jealousy over her. She has already poisoned two harem women and intends to use her soul destroyer magic on Derica. She doesn't know that Derica is a fighter and will not go easily.

Will she succeed in destroying Derica’s eternal soul?  Is the magic so dark that not even an angel can save her?


The Pendulum. This new story has been in the back of my mind for almost two years, and I've written a whopping four pages for it! It is rare that I form a synopsis before writing fifty pages or better, but for some reason I feel a clear path for this one. The actual details of the story are starting to solidify and are begging to be written. I have a personal fondness for divination by pendulum where I channel guidance from my guardian angel. The heroine in this story learns to do the same. Since I will be writing this story in tandem with Fury's Fall, it will be interesting to see which one I finish first. Here's a peek into this new adventure.

How would you feel if you found out that your husband of 23 years was a serial killer? 

Abby Preston's husband, Keith, confessed his dark past on the eve of their 23rd wedding anniversary. He was heavily intoxicated and openly admitted to killing over 100 people he deemed were the scum of society. He didn't use any weapons. He killed each one with his bare hands, knowing exactly how to break their necks. At that moment her world shattered, and she would never be the same. He had hinted at doing some bad things in his past but never elaborated on them. She didn't want to know and never pressed him for details. She had suspected certain things but never this! 

"If you want a divorce, I'll save you the time and go out in a blaze of glory and take my entire workplace with me," he stated. "I hate God and I hate people. You are my only reason for living. I haven't killed anyone since we've been together, it was a long time ago. They all deserved it, and it doesn't bother my conscience one bit."

Abby realizes she is trapped. If she kicks him out of the house, he will stop at nothing to get her back and when that fails, he will commit mass murder. Leaving him and running away isn't an option. She doesn't have the money to leave everything behind and start a new life. She could go live with her brother or sister for a short time until she gets set-up, but that would put them and their families in grave danger. She doesn't want to confide in anyone for fear they might try to get involved in the situation and make things worse. It is safer that nobody knows, even if it means living a lie so that Keith doesn't get suspicious.

With a heavy heart and nowhere to run and no one to tell her secrets to, she decides to solicit help from the divine realm. After a tearful rant and praying to God, she eventually discovers her guardian angel, and he guides her to the best solution. Abby must have faith and trust in order to break free, and it doesn't come easy. How will she safely get out of this miserable situation and discover the beautiful, new life and love waiting for her?